Friday, June 09, 2006

June Authors

Amy Berkowitz, NY
Mackenzie Carignan, IL
Betsy Fagin, UK
Michael Farrell, AUS
Greg Fuchs, NY
Elisa Gabbert, MA
Scott Glassman, PA
K. Lorraine Graham, CA
Chall Gray, NC
Christine Hamm, NY
Rebecca Hazelton, FL
Sean Kilpatrick, MI
Andrew Kozma, TX
Nicole Mauro, CA
Kristi Maxwell, AZ
Alan May, AL
Matt Rasmussen, MN
Michael Rerick, AZ
Paul Siegell, PA
Jay Snodgrass, FL
Jim Toweill, AL
Cat Tyc, OR

We're a little slow this month. Don't email us asking which poem we chose. Pat yourself on the back, get a friend to buy you a drink, and go write more poetry. (Putting up a link is a different story. Got a website or blog you want us to link to? Just send us the link.)


Wednesday, June 07, 2006

We accept authors for the anthology based on the strength of one or more of the pieces they submit. Thus, while for some authors it may immediately be obvious to us which poem we will use, for many of our authors we are not entirely sure until weeks later. If you want to use one of your poems for another publication, go for it. But please do not email us asking which poem of yours we have chosen to publish; we're still knee-deep in the organic process of "developing" the anthology.