Saturday, December 30, 2006

Call for Visual Work

What I would like now is to see some collage or other sort of poetic illustrations. Illustrations by poets, that is. Photos, newspaper cuttings, paintings, drawings, scores, dance steps, collage, vispo are all possibilities; I will choose what strikes me. Send as .jpg or .tiff to the address by Jan. 31, 2007. Page size will be 6x9 and printing will most likely be b&w, so plan accordingly. Send as high-res files as possible.

(You can send stuff regardless of whether you've been accepted to the anthology as a poet, and regardless of whether it's been published, as long as you retain the copyright.)

Links and December acceptances are still trickling in and being updated.


Friday, December 08, 2006


Congratulations to the final batch of poets accepted to the 2008 Anthology:

Ivy Alvarez
Alixandra Bamford, ON
Aaron Belz, MO
Kristy Bowen, IL
Jenna Cardinale, NY
Dan Coffey, IA
Bruce Covey, GA
Ryan Downey, GA
Michael Ford, LA
Jeannine Hall Gailey, WA
Will Gallien, OR
o. hunt, ID
Lisa Janssen, IL
Aaron Lowinger, NY
Shad Marsh, NC
Laura Moore
Sawako Nakayasu
The Pines
Andrew Sage, NY
Steve Schroeder, CO
Felicia A. Shenker, QC
Matthew Siegel, TX
Michelle Taransky, IA
Maureen Thorson, DC
Eric Unger, IL
Raymond Wachter, AL
Jasmine Dreame Wagner, MT
Ryan Walker, DC
Damian Weber, NY

There's another small stack left to consider, and we'll be considering submissions till Jan. 1, 2007, so this list may get a little larger. I'm also not done editing the names, links, and locations in the sidebar, so bear with me. Thanks.



If your name appears anywhere on this page, your work has been accepted for print in the anthology. This is a grassroots operation. We don't have time to respond to everyone's work. If you sent work and your name is listed here, it was accepted. If you didn't send work or if you did and your name isn't listed here, your work will not be in the anthology.

Also re: bios and permissions. In late 2007 before the book goes to print, I will be asking for new bios and for information on who published the poem previously. Giving me that kind of information now is only to give me a sense of who you are. I realize that by this time next year your bio may be completely different. That's fine. There's room for that to change. I will ask for them all at the same time, sometime in, say, August 2007. Then I'll also ask for exact spellings and capitalizations in your names, since many of you use different names for email and life than for poetry.


Wednesday, December 06, 2006


There is now a CD component to the Anthology. Toronto poet Max Middle will be editing sound poetry submissions. Sound files are due to him by March 31. Note that the soundpo component is only for poets whose major medium is the sonic/performance space. If your work is best represented on paper, do not send sound files. If your poetry reading sounds like any other boring poetry reading (sorry, but you know what I mean) do not send sound files. If your poetry sounds like Jaap Blonk, send sound files. You may also send sound files to the poetry2008 at gmail dot com address.

Remember, too, that December is the last month for regular submissions. We're still missing poems from many poets I know personally, and I'm not going to crack down on you each individually. Let's go, people!