Friday, January 19, 2007

Misplaced poems

If you have sent poems to me at any other address than poetry2008 at gmail dot com, it's quite likely that I didn't consider them (this does not apply if you sent your work via a member of the Editorial Board, who then forwarded it to the right address). So if you've been sending me stuff via MySpace, Facebook, and the like, and do not see your name on this page, please resend to the proper address. It is too big a project to make exceptions for friends. Thanks for understanding.


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

How many?

Though the sound and vispo files aren't all in yet, the count so far, with almost everything in, is over 250 authors.

At the beginning, I thought there were probably about 500 of "us" younger poets working today, at the peripheries of each other's consciousness. I still think there are probably that many, but I'm kinda glad they didn't all submit, because it's been a lot of work with half that many-- and I'm just getting started on the publishing side of the project.


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

January Acceptances

Nico Alvarado-Greenwood, IA
Robyn Art, NY
Ryan Bird, ON
Sam Byfield, AU
C.S. Carrier, MA
Adam Chiles, VA
Jay Cola, FI
Ryan Collins, IL
Caroline Conway, NY
Eduardo C. Corral, AZ
Luke Daly, IL
Michelle Detorie, CA
Will Esposito, PA
Wade Fletcher, VA
Brad Flis, ON
Jason Fraley, WV
Marina Garcia-Vasquez, NY
Barrett Gordon, IL
Andy Gricevich, CA
Sean Hill, MN
Kevin Isu, AB
Pirooz Kalayeh, CA
Jennifer Karmin, IL
Andrew Koszewski, IL
Erica Lewis, CA
Christopher McVey, VA
Grant Miller, WA
Michelle Morgan, ME
Steve Mueske, MN
Ocean, WA
Nicole Oquendo, FL
Lee Posna, IA
Jordan Sanderson, MS
A.K. Scipioni, IA
Adam Seelig, ON
Luc Simonic, CO
Aaron Armstrong Skomra, OR
Faye Smailes, QC
Jordan Stempleman, IA
Bronwen Tate, RI
Kristen Taylor, VA
Natalie Zina Walschots, AB
Helen White, BE
Richard Wink, UK

Visual Work
Dax Bayard-Murray
Ben Doyle & Sandra Miller, VA
Lisa Flaherty, OR
Barrett Gordon, IL
Andy Gricevich, CA
Jennifer Karmin, IL
Becca Klaver, IL
Shin Yu Pai, CA
Michael Peters, MA
Andrew Peterson, MA
Carton Tragedy, GA

(As if there were a difference between poetry and visual work.)

This post will continue to be updated, so check back. I'll create a new post to announce when I am done looking through all the poetry and vispo submissions at the end of the month. I am also still working on updating links. Oh, and big thanks to Kerri, CA, Jason, Corrine and Aaron for the final push (as well as to whoever's spreading the word in the Midwest).

Visual and Sonic submissions are still welcome, though 1/31 and 3/1 respectively.



Slowly digging out from under the flood of last-minute submissions. This is getting so big and exciting.

Can I still send poetry?

Can I still send vispo/collage/illustrations?

Yes, till Jan. 31

Can I still send soundpo files?
Yes, till March.

When are you going to update my URL/state/name on the website?
Um... soon.


Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Ah, poets. Nothing like waiting till the very last minute, eh? My inbox is swamped and my computer access unreliable, so:
- links for poets will be updated next week
- you may continue to submit poetry until Monday, Jan. 8. I will update acceptances Tuesday, so this is seriously the very last day to submit poetry. You may continue to submit visual work and soundpo (digital recordings).