Saturday, March 04, 2006


Q: Who should submit poetry for this anthology?
A: People who are loosely associated with one or more of the following magazines: name, BOTHBOTH, Plantarchy, small town, Drill, lungfull, anomaly, filling Station, dandelion, ixnay, Tinfish,; presses: CyGist, Palm, Handwritten, House Press, Ugly Duckling, Tougher Disguises, Effing, Slack Buddha, Atticus/Finch, Katalanche, CyPress, Narrowhouse. This is a rough guide--but if none of these names are familiar to you, we're unlikely to accept your work, as we are working to establish/reinforce a particular (if very large & loosely associated) community of young poets.

Q: What size will it be?
A: 6x9; leave .75" margins just to be safe

Q: I'm 18/41, and you said 20-40. Can I still submit?
A: It really depends on where you place yourself as a poet. Do you think you should have been included in a 1998 anthology of young poets? Would you like to be included in a 2018 anthology of young poets? Do you think of the poets involved as significantly younger or older than you, or are you their peer? I want you to choose yourselves. Identify yourselves, associate yourselves as you see fit. The anthology will strive to be an archive of zine, website, and book publishers in "our" generation, as well as a map of people who organize reading series. It is intended to establish, environ, and enhance our burgeoning community.

Q: I hate anthologies. Isn't this a stupid project?
A: Perhaps, but it is BIG. Size matters.

Q: What if i've published more than 1 book?
A: Email either Jessica or John, decisions will be made on an individual basis.

Q: I'm from Canada/Holland/China/Sweden/etc.. Can I submit?
A: Go for it, but make sure your poems can be appreciated by English speakers (even if they aren't in English)

Q: How are you going to pull this off? (Funding, editing, distribution, etc.)
A: It surprises me that I get this question--that I also got it when beginning Outside Voices. Just know this, we will get it done.

Q: I sent you stuff, but I haven't received a response
A: A list of authors whose work has been accepted will be posted to this blog at the beginning of each month.

Q: Who will be deciding what poems go in?
A: I (Jessica Smith) and John Sakkis will be in charge of the East and West, respectively. The Editorial Board will help us gather and weed out poems too.

Q: What if I've done something stupid or mean to piss either you or John off?
A: It doesn't matter. This is not a personal project. If you are mad at one or the other of us, you can send your submission to the other one.

Q: I only write really long poems. I would need at least 5 pages in the book.
A: You are restricted to one page. Please consolidate or excerpt.

Q: Can I submit previously published poems?
A: Yes, as long as you own the copyright. At this point we're not sure whether we can (or would want to) pay other presses royalties for using your poem. Unless the poem you're talking about was published in a Book (ie not a chapbook or zine), this restriction probably doesn't apply to you.



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