Saturday, March 04, 2006

initial thoughts

Yes, I think I have a good distinction. One of many attempted over the last week. we are not In the American Tree. We are rhizomatic. (endless postmodernism! yes, but, it's true, growing up in the postmodern moment has made a difference.) Diasporic, influencing not in the way that I described the feeling of being influenced by Howe & Spahr, but influencing each other at a "grassroots" level.

I think I'll make an anthology. It will be a Big Anthology, as big as the Sarabande. One or two poems per poet. You may submit stuff. If you're reading this, I assume you consider yourself part of this young community of poets.

"restrictions" (very roughly)
- young, relatively unestablished, and working within/around the Group, even if a few degrees removed from the Buffalo group I have presented, and even if working from a different aesthetic.
- what you send, you should consider a "poem" or something like a poem. how you define that is up to you. "I know it when I see it."
- you can be from whatever country you want, but the poems should be in English or understandable without translation.
- you don't have to be my friend or even know me.
- send only your best work
- consider that you will have about one page. choose your poem(s) based on this space distribution.
- send a few pieces so i can judge what your best work is and in case we're able to publish more than 1 poem per person.
- provide a short bio (under 100 words) with yr birthdate.
- format will probably be around 6x9" with margins around .5" (make sure it fits)

who cannot submit
- people in the "Zoo" anthology, unless you are half-animal
- If you are in the 1998 Talisman/Jarnot anthology
- it should go without saying, but, people in the Sarabande anthology.
- If you're in Shift & Switch, make sure you meet the age & publication requirements.

I'm thinking, get me poems by Jan. 1, 2007 for a 2008 release, 10 yrs after Lisa Jarnot's An Anthology of New (American) Poets. VisPo is encouraged but must be b&w. SoundPo is encouraged and there will be a CD. Edtorial help from other communities (NY, SF, etc.) would be great--so I can make sure I'm getting the best sample of what's going on. My primary objective is to leave out as few people as possible. 500 pages-- to me that means, 475 poets. Let's go.

If you are a press and are interested in publishing this anthology, let's talk.

if you don't submit and i like your work, i might just take it and publish it anyway. guerilla anthologizing.

it'll be two years before the thing comes out, so it doesn't have to be your most recent work, just a piece that you feel represents you as an artist.

send stuff here so i don't lose it in my normal account. i won't send a confirmation, but at the end of the year i'll post to the blog whose work will be in the anthology.

when you send me submissions, format it:
10 pt garamond
..jpg or .tiff
include a short bio w/your birthdate



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