Friday, December 08, 2006


Congratulations to the final batch of poets accepted to the 2008 Anthology:

Ivy Alvarez
Alixandra Bamford, ON
Aaron Belz, MO
Kristy Bowen, IL
Jenna Cardinale, NY
Dan Coffey, IA
Bruce Covey, GA
Ryan Downey, GA
Michael Ford, LA
Jeannine Hall Gailey, WA
Will Gallien, OR
o. hunt, ID
Lisa Janssen, IL
Aaron Lowinger, NY
Shad Marsh, NC
Laura Moore
Sawako Nakayasu
The Pines
Andrew Sage, NY
Steve Schroeder, CO
Felicia A. Shenker, QC
Matthew Siegel, TX
Michelle Taransky, IA
Maureen Thorson, DC
Eric Unger, IL
Raymond Wachter, AL
Jasmine Dreame Wagner, MT
Ryan Walker, DC
Damian Weber, NY

There's another small stack left to consider, and we'll be considering submissions till Jan. 1, 2007, so this list may get a little larger. I'm also not done editing the names, links, and locations in the sidebar, so bear with me. Thanks.



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