Saturday, February 23, 2008

Price change

The Anthology's price has been raised to reflect its actual printing/shipping/PayPal fees costs, which will be around $30 (the best estimate for the book itself, without including the CD, fees, or shipping, is $24). Still a good deal for a huge book with a cd enclosure.

What you may not know about me, since many of you don't know me, is that I'm broke. When I say "broke," I mean I just moved to New York and I'm working an $11/hr job. So there won't be contributor's copies. If you want a copy, you will have to purchase it. Unfortunately, this is what happens when one tries to make a massive DIY project of young poets. Hopefully the connections you'll make, and that you have made during the Anthology's production, with other authors in the Anthology and those interested in the project, will be worth $30 to you. Also, I haven't seen a dummy yet, but from the specs and my own files I think it's going to look really cool.

You will be able to view proofs (including seeing which poems of yours was chosen) and send your bios very soon. Please do not send anything at this point without being asked for it directly. Please do not send unnecessary emails-- there's enough to do without having to deal with correspondence (I need a secretary!).


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thanks for all the hard work jessica!

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