Sunday, February 04, 2007

FAQ (drowning by numbers)

Please read the blog FAQs before sending personal email. Your questions may already be answered on this page. Thank you.

1. If your poems or vispo have been accepted to the anthology, your name is on the list to the right. I don't send out individual congratulatory emails nor do I send rejection notices.
2. Which poems, specifically, have been chosen will be listed sometime in March, when I post a full table of contents.
3. Sometime this summer you will all have access to a .pdf of the anthology where you can make corrections to your poems. Keep an eye on the blog for updates.
4. Before we go to print, sometime in Aug/Sept, you will be able to give me an updated bio.
5. Contributor's copies: not sure about these yet, because how the anthology will be funded is still an issue (if you want to help fund the anthology, donate money to Outside Voices Press). At worst, you will be able to buy a contributer copy at cost. I have absolutely no desire to rip you off-- this isn't some scam-- but I'm also not going to go into (more) personal debt buying 300+ people books. If enough donated funds become available to pay for the book then you will each receive one free contributor copy.
6. The submissions window is CLOSED for everything but sound poetry. Do not send me normal poetry or vispo. I will not read it. The deadline was 1/1/07; this deadline was extended till 1/8. Submissions of sound poetry are due to Editor Max Middle by 3/31/07.
7. I don't know who's been advising some of you people about submitting work, but when you submit poems to any periodical you should get the name of the publisher right. It's "Outside Voices" not "Other Voices."



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New dates for the pdfs, toc, etc.?

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